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Parents Room 
Mum's Me Time - High Tea 

Party length: 2 hours

$650 for 8 Mummys 

$60 for each additional guest

*Plus GST

Minimum of 8

Maximum of 18

(Parties Booked on Public Holidays will incur a 10% Surcharge)

Sit down food service includes:

A selection of sweet 
& savoury foods



and that delicious glass of Rose'

And of course Coffee, Tea, Sparkling Mineral Water



Sometimes Mums just needs some Time - Out

and a glass of Rose', even if its just for 2 hours.

Come along and enjoy 2 hours of us taking care of you, for a change.

You can either book it in while children party next door or if you know some deserving mums who just need some ME - Time, this is for you.

 Contact Maryann or Debbie  to customise your next event!

Party length: 2 hours

$650 for up  to 15 Parents

$25 for each additional adult

*Plus GST

(Parties Booked on Public Holidays will incur a 10% Surcharge)

Sit down & enjoy a Grazing Board-  

Choice of  a Savory Grazing board including,

Meats, Cheeses, Pickles, Olives, Fruit etc

 Coffee, Tea, Drinks, Sparkling Mineral Water


Morning / Afternoon Tea Grazing Board

for eg: Baked Italian Donuts, Fruit Tarts, Croissants,  Biscuits, Muffins, Banana Bread, Fruit  etc

And of course Coffee, Tea, Juice,

Sparkling Mineral Water.

 Contact Maryann or Debbie  to customise your next event!

Parents Room

ME - Time High Tea

High Tea 3_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Kids High Tea Parties

Allow Them to Feel Like Royalty with Kids High Tea Parties

Children love tea parties and get excited at the thought of serving finger sandwiches and getting dressed up while they talk with their friends. Every little girl wants to feel like a princess, even if it’s just for one day, help them feel like royalty by organising kids high tea parties. Your children no longer need to put on your clothes and have a tea party in their backyards with their teddy bears. Allow them to indulge in their fantasies of wearing their special outfits, with their “pearl” necklaces and high-heel shoes and drinking tea and eating miniature foods with their friends.

Le Petite_edited.png

At Le Petite Kids Party Venue, we know how to spoil your little ones and make them feel like little princesses for the day. Our facilities are specifically designed to host high-class kids tea parties allowing them to feel like grown-ups and make the day all about them. Spoil your little ones for a day and visit our facilities for a day of fun that they’ll never forget.

What to Consider When Looking at Tea Party Venues


When it comes to choosing a tea party venue, you’ll want a facility that caters for children and not just adults. They venue should feel warm and welcoming, and the furniture and crockery should be child-friendly while still appearing as something a grown-up would use. Here are some tips of what you should consider when you choose the venue to host your child’s tea party:

  • Look at the menu. While you are visiting various venues ask to see the menu that they have available for children. These should include foods that are made specifically for children, such as cupcakes, finger sandwiches, and fruits. You also need to check that the drinks that they serve are child friendly. At a tea party for kids, teas should be weak and preferably non-caffeinated or low in caffeine.


  • Ask about themes and games. Although little girls love to sit and chat with their friends and act like grown-ups, this will only keep them entertained for a short time. The venue should offer classic children’s games such as pass the parcel and, of course, dress up. With many children having cell phones, they will want to dress up and capture the moment with selfies with their friends, this ensures they’ll never forget the fun they had.

  • Does your venue need to accommodate adults? Some parents may feel nervous about drop-off and go parties. If this is the case, you can ask the venue if they accommodate parents, this may include a separate area where parents can wait or hiring an extra room for parents to enjoy their own tea party.

High Tea Party

Benefits of Kids Tea Parties

Other than your child enjoying their day out, there are many more benefits to a girls tea party. They can learn in what order things go, such as pouring the tea, then adding milk and sugar. Here are just a few of the benefits of attending a tea party.

  • Motor skills. When your child is young, they are still learning their fine motor skills. Attending a tea party can assist with their development of these skills as they’ll be handling small objects.

  • Social interactions. Learning how to socially interact with people is an important life lesson and being around other children and learning how to talk to and behave around them is a skill that they’ll carry with them throughout their lives. If you have a child who doesn’t have a sibling, attending as many social gatherings as possible will also teach them about taking turns and sharing.

  • Manners. Many children are still getting a grasp on their pleases and thank yous, attending an event, such as a tea party, can assist them with developing their manners, this doesn’t only mean what they say, but also how they act. For little girls, it’ll teach them how to sit and conduct themselves in a formal setting.

Why Trust Us Regarding a High Tea Kids Party

While we love hosting a girls high tea, we know that many parents look for different types of party themes to host for their child’s birthday. With that in mind, we have created several party ideas for you to take advantage of. Many of the little girls who come to our venue enjoy partaking in our jewellery parties. These parties include various jewellery items for your child to create and take home, and prizes for the children. We also offer various spa party packages, where your little princess can be pampered with child-friendly products. If you want to spend quality time with your daughter, you can book a mommy and me tea party and enjoy sipping delicious tea, eating little food, and catching up with your daughter.

For more information about our services, or to make a booking, contact us now and allow us to spoil your little darling.

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